The payment bypass doesn't work anymore

I am trying to create the no-pay link for my SO’s and it takes them to the regular registration and they must pay to register.
Have I missed some change that will make this simple effective system not work anymore?

The thing that is different than usual is that I made an error in my original setup and had to delete the match and make a new one with the same name, hence the -1 appellation.

I make a tinyURL so it is easier on the phones.

This is impacting my current registration.
Thanks Lief

I just registered for the match using the staff link provided and it registered me just fine with no payment required…
Are your guys looking at the second page after registration where they are supposed to squad??
All they need to do is select their squad…except there are no squad slots available for staff at this time.

It must have been something I did.
It worked for the first guy and didn’t work for the second guy (gave him the pay portion).
I tried his link and it didn’t work for me (gave me the pay portion). So I wrote it up.

Another SO about 5 hours later tried it and it worked for him.
So, either I messed up copy/pasting the link or there was site maintenance going on briefly or murphy was waiting in the wings for me.

Sorry for the hassle.

I leave the staff squad locked and move them in myself. Keeps it sane.