Terminology: Overall vs Combined on website and in app

Hi PS Team!

Folks often use terms like “HOA” or “Overall Win” or something similar when referring to “Combined” scores for a match. I feel this trend is mostly due to competitors not fully understanding the rules and how match results are recognized by the governing body.

As we know, some sports (USPSA in this case) do not recognize Combined scores and “Overall” refers to the placement in a Division, for example, “2nd Overall Production Division” or “1st Overall Open Division”. There is no such thing as “1st Place Combined” or “1st Place Overall” in USPSA, and one cant even view combined divisions results on USPSA Match Results page.

I would like to suggest a small change to the drop down on the website: update the wording in the Division dropdown to use “Combined” instead of “Overall” in match results. The Competitor app already uses “Combined” tab which is great.

Thank you in advance,