Templates and Chromebook

I have downloaded multiple COF’s multiple times to my Chromebook. I can see the *.psc files in the CB’s files. Unfortunately, when I try to import these templates using Practiscore on my CB, I do not see these files listed as an option to download.

And yes, my PS on my CB is the latest issue.

Thank you!

Very likely this is related to file permissions for Android apps on your Chromebook. And this can be also specific to your Chromebook model or manufacturer.

E.g. see this Google help article How do I access files from downloaded android apps on a chromebook - Chromebook Community

One possible way around it is to use an Android app (a file manager, or even a web browser) installed from the Play Store to get your files to the Chromebook device. Note that the system File Manager on Chromebook is not an Android app, but you can install a File Manager app for Android from the Play Store.

You can also try to create a new folder from the PractiScore app (for example - Documents/PractiScore) and try to copy your files in that folder using Chromebook file manager.

Okay, thank you. It makes sense that it’s a Chromebook issue.