Template for "Liga Sportera"

For many years, in Poland, competitions have been held in accordance with the rules of the “Liga Sportera” (eng: “League of Sporter”). These are the 3GUN competition, the regulations of which are approved and supported by the Polish Sports Shooting Association (“PZSS”, the only national shooting organization). As part of the league, annual ranking competitions and competitions with the rank of Polish Championship are held. Around 80-120 competitors from Poland and abroad take part in each competition.
For information on the topic: https://youtu.be/C07u7LXMMs8

The points are counted using the Practiscore with the “Time Plus” template (it is not fully matched, but somehow it works). Four divisions, targets: paper (2-3 zones), metal, breakable; penalties: “C” - 0.5s, “D” - 1s, “Miss” - 5s, “NoShoot” - 5s, “Procedure” - 5s etc.
To prepare the final results, however, we must use other tools :frowning:

According to the regulations, the following is assessed (source, PL: https://www.pzss.org.pl/assets/files/dokumenty/przepisy/dynamiczne/liga-sportera_edycja_2019.pdf):
“6.2.7. Track score by a competitor - expressed in seconds, converted into percentages relative to the best score in his division, on a given stage, which as a reference is 100%. The percentage score means the number of points scored by a competitor on a given stage (e.g. if competitor A on track 1 has a total score of 23 seconds, and competitor B on the same track has a score of 21.80 seconds, then competitor B gets 100% and accordingly 100 points, and competitor A 94.78% and 94.78 points respectively).
6.2.8. The competitor’s score in the competition is obtained by adding up the competitor’s scores on all tracks. The competitor who wins scored the most points. All results are given to two decimal places.”

Is it possible to add a template for the “Liga Sportera” so that next season you can take full advantage of Practiscore? It will be amazing!
If so, how can the implementation be helped?

Have you looked at the “time plus points” scoring type? It is very much like what you’re describing.