Team shoot in Precision Rifle

I can’t seem to get the team results on my device or on the posted scores in the web page. What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Owen_Geekie,

What match and club is this for? When was the match shot?

What device are you using? What match type are you scoring in? Actual PRS or NRA long range?

It was the Ding Dong Gong shoot 2020 of KZN Hunters Upper Tugela. The match was shot this on Saturday and we had to work out the team results manually.

I ma using in iPad. The match was created under Precision Rifle as match type.

I see now for some unknown reason the team name wasnt imported when importing shooters. Ill have to work on that to see what happened,

I don’t see any teams declared in these posted match results.

Though maybe the team results for PRS are not yet supported in the iOS app. If that’s the case you could use Android app to generate these results and post them online.