Team Scoring vs Individual Scoring

Hi I have a match that is coming up. We are doing a individual score as usual but we are also doing are also looking to teams off individual scores. Does practiscore have an function for this. We have planned a spreadsheet to aid this but I was just wondering.

Both iPad and Android have team options.
Look down the list of shooter options under the Shooters info on the tablets. :+1:t2:

Awesome I see that now thanks for the reminder.

Is there anyway that we could not calculate average not combined. We are have a match of near by LEO members that will team up. But some of our small municipalities won’t have as many member as other. What would be the best way to deal with this.

If you have to modify the team match…
I’d clone the main match then rename it the Team match and then take the top X # of members from each team. Do it by either deleting the lower scoring team members or removing the lower scoring team members from the team.

Good idea I will look into that

I suggest creating a test match in your tablet.
run say, two stages with a few shooters and two teams.
Then clone that match and practice moving/deleting shooters.

you don’t want to learn on the day of your match.

There is a configuration option in the match settings how many best scores to keep in the match. E.g. IPSC uses 3 best scores with teams being up to 4 members. So, you don’t need to delete team members to take the top X scores. Just set the team scores configuration option to X.

Though we don’t have an option to use average score instead of top X.

Another thing you can do if you don’t need division or classification is to make the Division the team name and put the all team members in that division. The team function is alerted by putting the number of team members in the match setup in the ‘Max Team Results’ field. For example if you will have 5 team members but only 4 show up the team score will not show in the report. It will still show the individuals in the ‘Division’ breakdown. You can calculate the limited team score manually if desired.

DJ’s comment about cloning the match after the results are in is spot on. If you have 5 stages and 2 are individual and 3 are team you will not get final scores for the teams that did not record a score for the individual stages. Cloning will allow you to delete all shooters not on a team and the individual stages which will allow the final scores to be calculated for the teams.

A side note is that if you want a further breakdown such as department you can use the ‘Classification’ field to group each shooter by their department. LE groups are often competitive between cities or whatever. Gives another brag.

Eugene has a good point too; practice this before match day to save your remaining hair.

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You have probably thought of this but what worked for us was that a senior LE person was in charge of the benefit recipient. I gave him a tablet with the bones of the match and an explanation of what to do (a little class as well) and he did the entry as the people signed up, including the teams, departments and categories. This was huge because he knew the players. Make the teams give themselves a name and invite their own team members. On a side paper, after they are in the match note the alternates for the teams that have them. There are always callouts, max overtime etc. that messes up the registration. With this list you can get back on track quickly.

Advice on cloning; after sync’ing all the scoring tablets to the master make two clones, one named individual and the other team. Don’t alter the original for anything if you can help it.

In the individual tablet remove the team stages and any shooters that did not shoot the individual stages.
In the team tablet as mentioned above remove the individual stages and any non-team members. They will be obvious because they won’t have a score.

Then it is case of making reports according to what your group wants. Have fun.

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This is only the case for time-based scoring (timeplus, steel challenge, IDPA, ICORE), i.e. it is a minimum scores required.

For the point based scoring (USPSA/IPSC, NRA, timeplus with points) it will show as many results as available.

Thanks for clearing that up Eugene. I have only used it for IDPA style scoring.