Target misses included in penalties

Subtype: SASS: Cowboy Acton.

Review All Stages Details. Misses are included with the penalties. Is there an option that could be checked to list the misses separately?

@Robin_Loucks included where? Could you please elaborate where do you want to see them separately?

View Results > Review All Stages (Detailed) > StageScores.pdf

@Robin_Loucks have to bounce this to the PractiScore app for iOS section.

The overall and stage results in the Android app look like this

This is what I see on a iPhone SE, iOS 14.4

Usually the penalties are combined on the tablets/ipads but when you look on PS website, that’s where they usually are separated.

@Steph_Marie showing misses as a separate count was a request from SASS. I think they they also have something like “clean report” to award shooters finished without the misses.

But it is a good point about the web site…

@Robin_Loucks could you get this match results posted to PractiScore web site, so we can look at the same match data.


Thnx. Looks like it does show misses separately in results on web site. But not in the old-style html report (which is what you see in the iOS app).

Here is an example of our current scoring program:

@Robin_Loucks which “current scoring program” you are referring to?

ACES is the scoring program I’m referring to

I am moving this to the ideas section so we may keep track of it for the next big rebuild of the system.

@djpetrou this issue is clearly a small overlook in the ios app and it certainly does NOT require any big rebuild of the system.