Target and A & B underlined and Changing hits

iPad’s 2 and 4. Software latest, 9.3.5 / 10.3.3. Practiscore 1.733 (2). Match type is USPSA. It makes no difference what role I use iPad 2 or 4 for. Master or slave.

When bringing up a shooter for scoring the Target #, A and B hit columns are underlined. This doesn’t cause a problem but just looks strange when your not used to seeing it. This started maybe a couple months ago.

I see someone else posted about not being able to clear an individual score back in November but it appears to have died. If I mis-score a target and press and hold that entry to clear it just adds another hit to it. The only way to clear it is to pres and hold the T# and it clears the entire line. Again, it doesn’t cause a serious problem but individuals that have not seen it before are lost.

Thank You Very Much for your time.

Forgot to mention that the scoring screens populates with all zeros. The screens used to be blank.

Thanks again.

I will get with our iOS programmer but it will be Monday or Tuesday before I can go over this with him.

There is an accessibility setting called “Button Shapes”. Turn it off.

Thank You Russell for you input, unfortunately it doesn’t fix the problems. When I did turn Button Shapes on it did underline the individual character but that is not the problem. The problem is that there is a thin line that runs under the entire row under ‘T#’ columns through the ‘C’ column. Not under the individual characters in the row.
Thank you again Russell. I really appreciate you looking into this.

I have been working on this. I was able to fix any functionality issues on the target table. I am still working on the line under the label issue on 9.3.5 devices.

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