Tablet Setup Problems

Currently trying to setup a new batch of Fire Tablet 8s. Having a problem with a few of the tablets when connected to WIFI, Practiscore says Wifi: but shows a Sync Code. Is there a known fix? Have tried uninstalling Practiscore, Resetting Tablet, restarting tablet, ect.

You need to have a sync code to sync from one tablet to another.

Yes. But when trying to sync a tablet with the note unknown ssid.

Sorry this was removed from the original post.

You’ll still be able to sync with the tablet saying ". The ssid will show if you have location and bluetooth both turned on but it’s not a requirement to sync.

Some clarifications.

The SSID isn’t required for wifi sync, but previously found/synced devices are linked to SSID. It is handy when you are switching between networks.

The access to SSID info in the PractiScore app requires “Location Permission” for the app. The PractiScore app for Android is asking for it when you launch it for the first time on device.

It works somewhat differently on different versions of Android.

  • On new-ish Android versions you can go into the app system settings to verify and grant “Location Access” permission.
  • On some Amazon Fire tablets you have to enable “Location Services” in order to grant the “Location Access” permission to the PractiScore app

See more info about wifi sync in this article. Syncing with PractiScore app for Android running on Chromebook or in Bluestacks

PS: Both “Location Permission” and “Location Services” are also need to be enabled/granted in order to work with Bluetooth timers.

Thanks Euxx!