Tablet overheated, scores gone

Hello! We had a scoring tablet overheat and shut down today. After it cooled enough to restart, all the original scores were gone, though there are 3 notifications from DQs/DNF that remain from the lost data time period. Scoring logs were unfortunately NOT enabled at the time and I do not see a backup listed. Is there anywhere else I can look to recover the scores?

Unfortunately if scorelog or local scorelog wasn’t enabed, I can’t think of any other place.

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Hi, DJ! No, I haven’t been able to figure it out & am completely puzzled by some data remaining while the scores are gone. Typically when a tablet overheats or the battery dies, everything remains intact when it is able to restart. :frowning:

Here are today’s scores, showing the affected squad at the bottom.

As Eugene said the scores are probably gone since logging was not used.
If you would like, email me the complete match file from the master and more importantly email me the match file from the affected tablet separately.
[email protected]

Done. Thank you!

Sorry about your problems!
We try to minimize or even avoid the risk of data-los by having

  1. an endless (POS-)printer roll at every stage, wich automatically prints resultiert after accepting the score
  2. an aditional separate tablet, dedicated for score-collection and storing only
  3. a backup tablet or Backup on a phone in the STATS.

Just in case, we can restore any score or event by the printouts. If everything has worked fine, we just throw away the printouts.

We had this same thing happen at the beginning of Aug. The slow squad had 3 shooters left and it overheat and lost all the scores for that squad for the match. It was a local and they already shot so the other stages were already torn down by the other squads. We don’t have wifi so I think we are SOL on the logging but will look into that.

@Chris_Zambesi on Android you should enable the local scorelog and select location on removable SD card if available. This will allow you to manually recover scores in case things go bad.