Syncing without WIFI

Been looking for the answer to this but cant seem to figure it out. The area that our matches are held has no wifi or cell service. I tried using Air Drop app with no luck. Hopefully this wont add to the difficulty. I use an IPad for a master tablet and Android tablets for scoring.
Can you point me in the right direction


The tablets only sync via wifi.
Now that doesn’t mean you need an internet connection.
If you have on old router laying around you can set it up at the range and use it’s network for the tablets to communicate with each other. Then you can sync all the scoring tablets to your master and have results. When you can get to a internet signal you can upload the scores to the PS web site. (if someone has a phone that gets data on the range you can use it to upload scores or sync devices.) I almost exclusively use my phone hotspot to do all scoring work.

@Dave_Miller adding to what DJ said… You can also get a batter-powered portable wifi router for spot-syncing.

Though I wonder, without mobile internet, can you still bring up wifi hotspot on your phone and use it for syncing?

Also wonder what issue have you got with the AirDrop? For the most part you use it to “share” the match export file (from the main app screen instead of the sync screen) and then re-import match and use the “Merge” option on receiving device.


We use a router without internet service at our club and all tablets sync with no issues. When I get home and have wi-fi is when I do the uploading as DJ said. But after reading these posts I was thinking and will try tomorrow night of just turning on the tablets Bluetooth and sync that way.

Found that my smartphone’s “hot spot” works well in a pinch. No cell phone service? Wait until you get home, post scores and send them out.


Another option is getting pocket wifi (no internet connection) router. It’s on while in your pocket. You walk up to a squad, it connects to your wifi, and you can sync on the spot. We did this at my previous club and it solved the problem.

Here is one listed on Amazon:

Also (if this is MLGC Dave Miller), come out to the Sac Valley Range and see how the action range has antennas setup on each bay so we can sync from the score shack.

Good luck!
Arnold Chin