Syncing devices

We use Lenovo tablets and when syncing, all our tablets identify as the same code. With our previous iPads they all had different codes which made syncing easy. Any help out there??

@Joseph_Meyer1 the device sync code is pretty much one to one with device’s IP addresses. These usually are given by the wifi router DHCP service.

I’d suggest to check your wifi router/hotspot settings to make sure DHCP lease time is long enough and that devices are not assigned the same IP addresses.

The following article has some additional details at the end on how to get additional technical info about device’s wifi - Syncing with PractiScore app for Android running on Chromebook or in Bluestacks

I had this problem, too. For me, all of the tablets had the same Device Name on the Import/Export page. Once I changed that, all was well.

It was 100% coincidental.

The device name has nothing to do with sync code and it is there for information only and your convenience to tell which device is which.

You absolutely should give your devices some meaningful names, but that has no impact on ability to sync devices.