Syncing between Android 13 devices and to ipads

I used to sync between devices, both android and apple, but now I can’t seem to figure out what setting I am missing. The tablet and phone are on Android 13 and Practiscore 1.7.28. The ipad is 9.3.5 ,an older one, but I have synced to that before. When I had issues with the ipad and my Android tablet I tried between my phone and tablet and neither shows up under found. They both are on the same network with location on. If I manually put in the tablet sync code and try a pull from the phone I get:
Connection failed; failed to connect to (port 59613) from / (port 53110) after 40000ms:isConnected failed: ETIMEOUT (Connection timed out)
If I try the other way I get:
Connection failed; failed to connect to (port 59613) from / (port 43924) after 40000ms
No idea where the 100. addresses are coming from. I have rebooted the tablets and done a Refresh in Sync multiple times to no avail.
Any suggestions on what I am missing?

Assuming all network permissions are granted on iOS, and location and nearby permissions on Android are granted to the app. Also no VPN is enabled on either devices.

With those symptoms I would suggest to try out syncing on another/different wifi router. Even a wifi hotspot on a phone. That will help to eliminate some of the possibilities.

With those ip addresses it will Never work…once you get that resolved, it will work…


I had a simular problem with syncing. It ended up that cell phone had connecting to wifi via phone tower system earlier and had entered wifi thusly, not directly. Even after connecting all to same wifi it still did not sync as it had not refreshed cellphone. Refreshed & good when all directly to wifi.