Synchronization Data Issue between Amazon Fire and Ipad- Penalties not crossing over

We ran a Time plus match today, 4/6. The match was scored on an Amazon Fire tablet. I sync’ed the Fire to an Ipad Mini. Both tablets are using the latest version of PS as far as I know.

I noticed after I uploaded the match results from the Ipad to the PS website that the match results were not correct. Naturally they weren’t correct on the Ipad either. None of the shooters’ earned penalties for the match synchronized from the Fire to the Ipad.

@Tim_Matthews we need more information.

  • which app versions are you running on your Android and iOS devices
  • where match was created and at what point penalties been entered
  • did match exist on your iPad when you did the sync from Android?
    If so, we will need you to email the match export files .psc to [email protected] from Android device you are trying to sync from AND from the iOS device you are trying to sync to.

In any case, you should be able to post results from an Android device. You don’t have to bring them to an iPad just for posting.


I wound up deleting the match from the reporting Ipad and then sync’ed the two devices again. The 2nd time all the data came across.

I’ve never encountered this before.

We’re good now. Thanks!!!