Sync problem on Chromebook

I"m having an issue with my master tablet (Samsung Chromebook 3). After being shut down a few months for the 'rona, i boot everthing back up. Now I’m getting a strange sync code from my Chromebook. It’s 5COA. I’ve never seen a code like this from it, our nooks, or my andriod phone all running practiscore. When I try to sync devices, it only sees a device that doesn’t exist 5CO2. My phone & nooks all have codes like 002B 012D 0131 0132 and so on. I"m running the latest version of practiscore 1.6.45. The Chromebook will not sync with anything. Using my phone as the master is fine. I dont know how to change sync codes in the Chromebook. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Mike!

Just to make sure, is the Chromebook on the same network as the other devices?

@Mike_Phillips this does happen on Chromebooks from some manufacturers. They are running Android app inside of its own sandbox and behind one or two virtual network interfaces/proxy. Hence the difference in sync code.

Please email at [email protected] I will need some more info from you and will provide you additional instructions.

Yep…all on the same network

Email sent. Thank you sir

I replied with additional instructions.

BTW, as a work around, you should be able to email match export file *.psc to/from chrome book (may have to use a Gmail app from the Google Play store in the Chromebook in order to be able to attach the exported file and save it on Chromebook). Then import *.psc file to another tablet and sync to the rest from that device. When importing you can select a “merge” option, which works same way as when you sync updates over wifi.

We have had the same issue but it’s solved when I reboot the Chromebook