Sync issue with Master iPAD and Scoring Kindle fire tablets

When performing a sync using iPad Master (Practiscore version 1.739(1)) from the Kindle fire (Practiscore version 1.7.17) Scoring devices I have to enter the Sync code each time we attempt to sync a device. IF we try to tap on a device that was just used showing the correct Sync code we get attempting connection to android device and no sync. If I use “find device” and enter the sync code the device is found and able to sync changes.

The sync works properly on an iPAD with Practiscore version 1.724(6) the sync finds the devices and will sync when tapping on a device in the list of devices.

I have verified Location is enabled on all devices.

There is no “Location” permission on iOS side, but there is “Local Network” permission required for scan and access the local WiFi network since iOS 14.

I meant location services are enabled. where can I verify the “Local Network” permission

On ios device find the PractiScore app in the system settings.

Practcore is not listed under System Settings

Keep scrolling down. The app named PractiScore should be in there. Either that or we are looking at different versions of iOS.

Practiscore is not listed in mine. The iOS version is 10.3.3 (14G60)

What generation of iPad do you have? Current software is 15.3.
It should look like this.

Both of the ipads are 4th Generation, jist different versions of Practiscore.

@djpetrou you may want to review this
…and screenshots taken on device can be accessed on your PS through

I was working on multiple devices so I just took a photo of the screen. 🤷

@djpetrou exactly what I referred to in the above note. Makes it easy to create decent screenshots and share them from other devices.

@Jim_Dunlap on iOS 9.3.5 (the latest available on that 1st gen iPad mini) I also don’t have PractiScore app in the system settings. That iOS version has different permissions and the sync in the PractiScore iOS app version 1.739 works there with my Android devices without going through manual sync code entry.

Couple things to note. When you scanned for devices (or manually sunc from them) the app remembers those sync codes. But device sync codes could change if your wifi router reassign a different ip addresses to your devices or when you switch wifi networks. You may need to use “clear” and then “scan all” options on the sync screen (and it takes some time to complete scan, be patient).

@D.J.Petrou and @euxx here is a link to a video demonstrating the issue am seeing!Ag0tte531uAug-xb6veq5qfDY21mqA?e=8SeZEH
I see this same issue for 3 clubs I help with. Each club has their own equipment

Let me ask you this. If you scratch the iOS app. Does Android to Android sync work?

Also can you tell us about the network or networks you are using to sync?

@euxx the android to androind work fine and the android can sync from the ipads with out issue.

@D.J.Petrou I am using a ubiquiti wireless networks 2 clubs use the same wireless equipment and the 3 is also on a different ubiquiti wireless. Are there specific settings you are wanting to know about? I also see the same issue when I isolate to just my Verizon MiFi hotspot.

@djpetrou please let me know what additional detail you need about the network

Had a Support conf call today where your problems were discussed.
I should have something by tomorrow for you.

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So this happens, as in the video, only when you a syncing with this one iPad? Or is it happening with all iPads? We cannot duplicate it here and we are even trying with older versions than yours.

Here is the biggest question.
Is this inconvenience stopping you from syncing at the end of the day and getting completed results to post?

I have 4 iPads all of them are the same Generation and IOS version, this issue happens on 3 of the iPads that are running Practiscore 1.739(1). The iPad that has Practiscore version 1.724(6) works properly. We are not upgrading PRactiscore on the functioning iPad so we can sync without having to keep a list of the Sync codes to type in. This does not stop us from syncing at the end of the day but it does make it more difficult since we have to type in the sync code for each device every time we need to sync the scoring devices.

To provide some background on this. I set up 3 clubs with Practiscore within a few months. with all the same equipment. Originally with an iPad master and Nook scoring devices, we have replaced the nooks with Amazon Fire devices. I had a backup iPad that was not being used. This is the one that is currently working.