Support for new Bluetooth-enabled timers

Checking back in to see if there is a timeline for Practiscore 2.0


Any news on supporting the Shooters Global timer?

See above. When the new apps are ready.
Also, we are still waiting on SG, on some questions related to their timer API changes and device support can’t be completed without that.

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Last time we communicated, in august you said the API we gave you before is fine. I don’t think we received any API requests after that.
I’ve sent you a follow up email, please take a look.

Ben, SG Team

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@Shooters_Global Ben, I will refresh your memory in the answer to your email.

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Our team is looking to buy new timers and we really would like to have the BT integration for the matches–they run so much better and quicker with this. Is there a timeline in sight for the open API or integration of all BT enabled timers? This will affect our buying decision…


@Mark_McAfee see this topic. Support for new Bluetooth-enabled timers - #15 by Mark_McAfee

Kestrel has released a new Bluetooth shot timer, does or is there a plan to have practiscore on the multi platforms support this new timer?

thank you

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Plans - yes. Currently can’t provide an ETA, support for all new timers is pushed to the the PractiScore 2.0 apps.

The most up to date info regarding Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore scoring app for Android can be found at:

The most up to date info regarding Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore Log app can be found at:

thank you, but if I read the list updates correctly for both competitor and log, neither have had updates in more than a year ?

@Jim_Doran I was referring to the information stating/describing features/devices supported in each app.

To find the most up to date info on exact version and times when each app has been updated you should visit the corresponding app stores. The articles linked above have the links to the app stores. Generally all apps do get several updates within any given year.

PS: the PractiScore Competitor app does not directly work with any timer devices. The PractiScore Log app does.

We are not looking for an argument, we want better for the industry and I think it’s in our power to provide people with what they are asking for.
Like I said in the email - let us know the commands PractiScore is using so we can reserve them for your use. And they will not be changed in the future updates.
We can’t just stop updating the timer, as a software developer you understand how evolution is important.

Look forward to your response on email, thanks.

Happy New Year. Any news on supporting timers from Shooters Global, the original and also the new Go? Thank you.

We are working full gear on the 2.0 apps release.

Though we haven’t seen any details related to SG GO timer and don’t have a test unit either.

You haven’t even responded to my message from November, don’t blame us please for not having a test unit.
If you are planning to work on it, please reach out to me on email and let’s continue cooperating.

@Shooters_Global did someone pissed in your oatmeal today? Not sure what message is being referred to, but which part of my response above is inaccurate?

Wow, that’s one way to handle a B2B public conversation. Very professional.

This message remained without response. As well as my email from November 20 2023.
Whatever, forget about it.
We’re releasing a public API shortly and let people be the judge.

What did you expected to get for your passive aggressive message you posted after my response to someone else’s question which wasn’t diminishing SG in any way?

Wasn’t aware response was required there. There was no question asked in this post.

The email from November did fell through the cracks. Though it was also deflecting my previous request from August 2023 to provide us the latest timer API documentation and was repeated in a few emails after that.

Should we relay this statement to the users? :person_shrugging:

@euxx So SG is up in the air on compatibility (no comment 0_0) but the [Kestrel KST1000 Shot Timer] is going to be compatible? currently says the SG is and the kestrel is waiting on update… need to know where to throw my $300 since AMG has 11month wait times! @Shooters_Global

@Brennan_Stanley we will be able to answer this after the PS 2.x app is released to the public.

Technically everything possible, but we are still tied to the vendor’s support.

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