Support for new Bluetooth-enabled timers

Any schedule when the support might be coming?

With last SG firmware changes it will take some time to integrate. So, it will likely go into or after the major PractiScore app update for both Android and iOS. Can’t provide an exact ETA to that yet.

Is there allready news?

We are still working on the major PractiScore app update.

Is PractiScore App open-sourced? I’m a developer as well that maybe I can help.

It’s been a while; any update on shooters global support??

@Craig_Bellamy still not before PractiScore 2.0 apps are released

How soon will that be? I have a Shooters Global timer; deciding if I need to buy a different one if is still going to be a long time before support is fixed.


@Craig_Bellamy as soon as it is ready. Currently can’t provide any ETA

Any update?

@Britt_Braden still no ETA yet

Any updates on PractiScore 2.0? There has to be some kind of ball park plan for getting it done.


You won’t miss the announcement when it is ready.

I’d be willing to help beta test it if that is an option or would be helpful. I’m on an iPhone but saw this as the only thread that was live regarding Shooters Global and Practiscore 2.0.


Checking back in to see if there is a timeline for Practiscore 2.0


Any news on supporting the Shooters Global timer?

See above. When the new apps are ready.
Also, we are still waiting on SG, on some questions related to their timer API changes and device support can’t be completed without that.

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Last time we communicated, in august you said the API we gave you before is fine. I don’t think we received any API requests after that.
I’ve sent you a follow up email, please take a look.

Ben, SG Team

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@Shooters_Global Ben, I will refresh your memory in the answer to your email.

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Our team is looking to buy new timers and we really would like to have the BT integration for the matches–they run so much better and quicker with this. Is there a timeline in sight for the open API or integration of all BT enabled timers? This will affect our buying decision…