Support for html in match descriptions (e.g. Markdown/BBCode)

Will markdown or bbcode ever be supported in the match/event descriptions? I think it would be a great asset, even if just limited to URL and text formatting.

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Links and line breaks are respected.

For the other formatting personally I’d strongly vote against. We have enough web sites and forums with ugly green/red text and huge headings. Thankfully PractiScore site isn’t one of them.

None of my links are converted. Is it http only (we use https)?

I just want to be able to bold and underline important information and have our HTTPS links work. And only in the description, not in the reg forms, etc.

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My mistake. I’m used to look at those in the app.

The web site isn’t linkifying the urls.

Would love to see urls linkifying. I almost always have links in my major match descriptions.

Will pass this idea to the Web Development deptartment… :+1:t2:

any info on this?
i have huge match description in next match + in 2 languges, and it can’t fit in limit of description.
so i tried just making links to PDF files with details… if we could use links on match details description, it would be great!

As a workaround you can add your PDF documents right to the registration form.

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