Suggestion - More Clubs Presented When Viewing "My Clubs"

I follow 17 clubs but when I navigate to Dashboard > My Clubs, only 5 clubs are listed in “Clubs I follow”. To see more clubs I must click the “Clubs I Follow” link and then only 10 are presented. That’s a lot of clicking to get to that last club :slight_smile:
How about offering a configurable option on number of clubs to display under “My Clubs”? Or increase the amount to 10 or 20 before paginating. There’s plenty of “real estate” on a desktop system and even a phone would only be a matter of scrolling to see the additional clubs.
Great app, great service! Thanks

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Thank you for your idea.
I will pass it on to the web team.
In reality it is something that would have to wait till a major web upgrade.