Stripe says my account is in violation of their restricted business list

Hey guys - I run a local club match and recently went to Stripe a few months back. It’s been great. No issues until this morning. I get an email saying I’m in violation of their restricted businesses list. It seems they are concerned with my operation involving some kind of gambling or fantasy sports. Has anyone has to deal with this? Thanks - Jack

You will have to contact their support and declare and emphasize you are running registration for the sport event or competition. No gambling or selling the firearms or ammo.

That’s what I did. I’ll report back to this thread when it’s concluded. Thanks, - Jack

They shut us down. We can no longer use Stripe for Practiscore. All I was told is that we’re violating one or more of the following:

“Gambling, including fantasy sports and games of chance”

However, after digging into their Restricted Businesses List I found this:

" Firearms, explosives and dangerous materials

  • Guns, gunpowders, ammunitions, weapons, fireworks and other explosives"

In all the communication they never mentioned any of that, but with the tragedy this week in Texas this week, one has to wonder. Oh, also, the name of our business has to be exactly as it is on taxes and the name of the business has the term “GUN CLUB” in it. Maybe Stripe is searching terms like “Firearm”, “Gun”, “Ammunition”. Once again, I’m speculating… because we’re not guilty of the gambling and sportsbetting.

See my reply in your other thread.