Stripe request for type of business

I am registered with Practiscore for firearms training events and Stripe for payments. Stripe is requesting my type of business. Knowing their anti firearms policy, I am afraid of being denied if I submit " Firearms training". What should I use instead? “Safety training”?

That’s a good one.
“Event promotions”
“Sports training”
I think you have the idea.
Keep in mind that hosting training as a match allows you more versatility than hosting it as an event.
Particularly with the payment structure.

Thanks very much. Greatly appreciated.

Well, it seems like I need more advice. Stripe has now requested more information, specifically:
1-“Further details on products and services offered”. Don’t know what to say here. I have a feeling any mention of firearms and I’m going to be denied.
2-“Photos of inventory”. For a service? I’m lost here.
3-“Invoices from suppliers” Lost again
4-“Update website/links” No website
I know other firearm related classes/training and matches are able to use the Practiscore/Stripe relationship. So, I guess I’m looking for the magic words.
I have a gut feeling they are going to deny me no matter what answer I give. If this happens, is there and alternative form of payment I can use?

There is not an alternate payment to using Stripe.
Tell them word of mouth is your marketing. You might need to throw together a simple promotions FB page.
Or explain that you put together sporting events and collect registration for said events.
Just don’t mention firearms. You could be teaching safety classes.