Stripe payments enabled on Event

We have a Safety Officer Training class set up as an Event. We do not want payments made online or via Stripe. “Hide Pricing” was/is selected. Accept payments “Offline” was/is selected. And according to a solution posted by D.J. on May 16, 2022: “The Stripe payment system does not work in Events.” Yet the individual registration page for this Event is showing the option to pay by credit card, and it is enabled/working - 2 people have used it. How is this possible?

Jim Schultz
West Houston Shooters Club

Your event is definitely acting weird.
Who created it?
Was it cloned?

IKR? I created it. Not cloned.

We regularly run events (training and group practice sessions) as events and do registration and collect fees at point of enrollment via PRACTISCORE using. Stripe for payment . Works for us.