Stripe issue connecting

getting this error in club settings when trying to set up stripe
{“error”:{“message”:“Invalid request: Invalid redirect URI ‘Practiscore | PractiScore’. Ensure this uri exactly matches one of the uris specified in your application settings”}}

on this page Clubs Search | PractiScore

Can you help, Thanks

When you say “trying to set up stripe” please be more specific. What exactly are you doing before you get this error.
You are getting this after you hit the stripe connect button? What browser are you using? What is the exact name of your club?

after hitting the stripe connect button, club name is Genesee Wheel Gunners - GCL ICORE
using chrome also tried in edge

Go ahead and give it a try again.
When you are doing this are you going to the club page and then starting from there?

Yes, started at club page, it appears to have worked thanks