Stripe integration failing 3D Secure

Really hoping someone can assist here
We have started receiving a Large number of Card declines on a new match fee of £260.00 due to Practiscore not forwarding transactions through the 3D Secure process

Contacting Stripe directly with the transactions ID’s has resulted in this

Thanks for waiting, Angelo. I did a careful check on your account and I can confirm that the charge is being created by your third party, Practiscore. That said, you cannot likely edit the plugin’s integration. To resolve this, you need to reach out to your third party application so that they can update how to handle 3DS authentication for payments.

Is anyone else receiving this or know how to get this resolved?
We have multiple matches set up through here and have only started receiving this, I believe as it’s hit a transaction value threshold

We use Stripe on other sites like MemberMojo and through links for larger values than this which don’t have an issue.


I will run this by our Web team and see if there is anything on our end.