Stripe account is blocked

around the middle of last year our website (squarespace) blocked out stripe account and PayPal blocked out the account and seized $5500 hundred dollars for payment for "breaking the terms of service. So since then, we have made a new website with other CC processing software.
I see that to pay for matches everyone on practicescore uses stripe, so I thought maybe I am missing something, but I log in and get the following.
“Your account isn’t eligible, unfortunately, your business isn’t eligible to use Stripe because it doesn’t meet our Terms of Service. If you think this may be a mistake, please contact us.”
What am I missing, how are other clubs and ranges using stripe and we are blocked?

As long your business is not selling firearms or ammo trough the same Stripe account you should be okay to run shooting competition. Emphasise you are running sport events. Though might he a good idea to run shooting competitions under a separate busines entity, not involved with selling firearm or ammo.

So since the account right now has been disabled, ive been thinking of opening a new bank account and making a new strip account and only using it to connect to practice score. do you think that will work?

It is probably more about business entity a bank account is associated with than about account.

Also if your matches are not for profit, you might be able to use that as argument with Stripe