Strings - definition of

We are new to using this app for our matches - can anyone please clarify what “strings” is referring to? Is this in reference to the number of separately timed events in the same stage for the same shooters? Or is this referring to the number of squads that will move through that stage?

It is specific to certain match types. If your competition does not have it - set it to 1 or leave as 0.

The app does not defined any schedule, number of squads, etc. The squad assignment for each shooter is simply for grouping competitors that are shooting a stage together. It is also optional if your match structure does not need it.

Thank you - can you perhaps define an example of a string? I just want to make sure we properly understand what it is referring to. I appreciate your help.

You can’t look at it without a context of specific sport. Here is one defined in the USPSA rule book.