Storefront Payment Options

I’ve setup my match and it has multiple payment adjustments, both increases and decreases. Examples of decreases are -$$ for juniors, -$$ for multiple entries, -$$ club members, etc.

Problem #1: Currently a user can select multiple discount adjustments.

I don’t see an option to limit the selections to a single option, but it would be very beneficial if we could.

Problem #2:
I also want to have an option for price increases (shirt purchase, donations, etc…)

However, if we solve problem 1, and limit to a single selection, then we won’t have the option to select increases.

My idea would be to have 2 adjustment sections available. Make 1 for increases and the other for decreases. Keep it where you can add multiple line items for each section, but also give each section a toggle switch that would allow us to let the user select single or multiple options within each section.


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Hi Nick! There is definitely already an option for price increases. We use it at our matches and it works great! Problem 2 is the answer for why Problem 1 exists, so that users can select a discount and also purchase an item. I can tell you that in the years we have been using this at our club, we’ve never had a single person select more than one discount (unless applicable). The trick is just to make sure that your discount descriptions are clear. For example, you could say Discount A -$10, Discount B -5 (not allowed if already selected Discount A).

I understand your idea about having some items be a selector and others be multi select, but I have a feeling it could also create more complications. Just my two cents. :slight_smile: