Steel Challenge Divisions are not correct on match registration page

I created both a steel challenge blank and steel challenge default match

Created a registration page for both and I see these as selectable divisions


I don’t believe those are official divisions.

How do we remove them and do we have to do this for every single match ?

This can create unnecessary work to remove people out of a retired division.

I also see distinguished senior in the categories, which I don’t believe applies to steel challenge.

Any feedback?


looking into this.

Yeah, Our club edits those divisions out manually each time. On the distinguished senior category - USPSA voted to include that category for all disciplines starting April 1. That is given in the Feb 28 BOD minutes, and they will probably update the rule books to include that addition in April.

I saw the distinguished senior for USPSA but I didn’t notice that it was for Steel Challenge. Where did you see that?

In the BOD minutes it says for all USPSA disciplines. I figure that they mean USPSA, SCSA, and Multigun.

The website divisions now match the divisions in the tablets.



Thanks for easing a bit of OCD lol.

Thank you for a quick solution… enjoy your weekend!

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Does this only apply to new matches and registrations?

My existing match and registration page did not get updated.

Yes, only matches moving forward.

Hey Tony

this works for me go to manage - dash board - edit registration form
scroll down to division CLICK the gear box " show properties"
then click on TASH CAN to get rid of any divisions you don’t want. Or you can add a new one.
Don’t forget to hit SAVE FORM at bottom
Hope this helps Karl

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Agreed. We included the Distinguish Senior Division (Which I am ). The Senior & Distinguish Senior Divisions usually have the most shooters.

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I just signed up for the OK Corrals Steel challenge on May 20-21 and don’t see the option for the “Distinguished Senior” division… only Super Senior… Does the new Distinguished Senior not apply to Steel Challenge matches?


You will have to contact your match director to ask them about categories they offer.