Steel Challenge club not showing up when filtered for Steel Challenge

My club, MCRC Steel Challenge, outside of Columbia, SC, shows up in the club finder when there aren’t any filters on. When you filter for Steel Challenge, it doesn’t show up. What can I do to correct this?

Hi @Julie_Holling,

It looks like you guys are using a cloned match that it’s not set correctly in the match type.

Okay. Thanks. Do you have a suggestion for fixing that for future matches? I’ve had issues in the past with getting the correct type to show up when setting the matches up and not cloning a match.

Create a new match from scratch and select “steel challenge blank (use of only doing some of the stages) or steel challenge default (if you’re doing all 8).

Thanks for the help. I don’t think that was an option when I started using PractiScore and I’ve been cloning matches because it’s easier. I’ll start over next month.