Starting new match. Tablet?

If you had to start all over what tablet/system would you use?

Everyone has their favorite.
When I travel for Practiscore and run big matches I use all Apple tablets.
If I were a club and was spending money for the club I would run an Apple master tablet and some kind of Kindle smaller tablets to put the scores on.
Other people run all Android tablets and are happy with that.
There are some match administrator functions on iOS that I prefer.

You can do it anyway at all. They all talk to each other and they all work.


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Hmm, so you can run IOS and Android together? if so awesome to know. I have been told they don’t play well together.

The key to tablets communicating is having a good network that they can talk over.
If you use a new network or a free network off some other system you just ask for trouble.
I always use my hotspot with the tablets I am using.
I also always test the tablets with the hotspot before the match to make sure they communicate over my network. Never test things the morning of the match.
Mixing operating systems is not a bad thing. Just plan ahead.

Generally they do. But there are corner cases that have nothing to do with networking.

Personally I won’t recommend using an Apple device as a master if most of your devices are Android. But that is going to change once PractiScore 2.0 apps are released.

Also, confirming that you have working network is a good idea. Though you don’t need any network for scoring (unless you need to have online scorelog) and syncing of scores can be done on a temporary network or a phone hotspot, as long as it works.

DJ can you give me a few examples on the administrator side that works better with IOS. I am not on a budget, I just want buy what is best. I have worked with I pads the last 2 years but I am an Android guy and I always feel lost on the I pads. Also we generally run 8 to 20 I pads at our matches but this new match will be much smaller with only 5 Tablets.

So I was using the iOS as the matcj tablet but the one downside is I couldn’t load the stages from the website onto the iPad, but could on the Amazon tablet. That’s the only negative about the iOS vs. the Amazon tablet

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Been playing with a Samsung tablet yesterday and definitely seems more user friendly. Time will tell

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My master tablet is a Chromebook. This was clumsy at first, but has been corrected thanks to Eugene and current versions.

I use Amazon Kindle Fire tablets - If I were to do this over, I would likely do the 8-inch tablets if funds permitted.
I got about half of our tablets used off of Fakebook marketplace. And the other half were purchased through Amazon as the Kid-versions in 2-packs.
Regardless of size, I recommend getting the kid versions - they come with the rubber bumper and a 2-year warranty that even covers the screen.

Be sure to get tablet shades and battery packs. The battery packs I have were bought at Wal-Mart for about $10 each and will charge them to 100% in a couple hours.
The latest gen fire tablets are USB-C which makes it simpler for folks to plug the battery cord into compared to the micro-USB.

A handful of 1-foot cables are great to have on hand to work with the battery pack and not have a significant cable to keep track of.

As for Master tablet - as mentioned, I use a Chromebook and it works well. I will be replacing it sometime this year with a 10-inch android or a newer Chromebook with touchscreen. The Chromebook has USB connectors that I can use a cordless mouse.

Good luck


Why smaller vs the larger Amazon tablets?

I bought the 7-inch tablets for squad tablets because that’s what our club had funds for at the time.
If I were to do it over and funds permitted, I’d do 8-inch tablets.

I wouldn’t consider doing 10-inch tablets for squad devices. The larger tablet would simply open itself to damages. Like dropping buttered bread falling butter-side down, a 10-inch tablet will fall screen-down and break.
I have had 2 10-inch android tablets that I used as “master”. Both ended up being used as a scoring tablet and both have broken screens.

The smaller tablets tend to not get dropped as much.

Thank you will keep this in mind.

Only have one bay for now the tablet doesn’t get shuffled around as much. But you’re right. 8 inch tablets don’t get dropped.