Started a new club but am getting an error

I started a new club and a match but I am getting the following error message when I click on “sharable link to join club”

Five Oaks Gun Club doesn’t have their membership management completely setup. Please check back later.#####

I’ve scoured the site and the club info to try to find the error.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Lets start with the address.
#1 The club will not be searchable if you do not use an exact goggle address for the club location.
#2 You have made it mandatory that people become a member of your club if they are to register for matches. That is not the norm. People will follow your club if they are interested.
#3 You have your match set a Private so no one will ever be able to search for the match and find it.

I would start with these three things and their restrictions.
I would also suggest you go over this tutorial.