Stage timer from app

Evening , I am new to practiscore and have used it recently for a test 22 prs match. It is a great app and will be very helpful for our club going forward. I have a quick question and apologies if it has been covered . Is there an option under the stage builder to have a stop watch timer where the scorer can start a stop watch and see the over all stage time or a count down feature. Currently we were using a shot timer or stop watch and the app . It would be useful to have a stop watch feature in the stage as long as regulation times weren’t needed .


There is no integrated stopwatch function. If you search through the NRL 22 section here on support you should find a whole bunch of information where they have used a separate app to do stopwatch functions. Then use a split window to score.

DJ is correct. There have been multiple clubs, including mine, that have tested the split screen timer scenario. It worked pretty decent and some folks enjoyed it, others found it to be a little cumbersome but one of the most important pieces of information to share is that my shooters aren’t using the split screen timers anymore.

We ran it for about 3-4 matches and then folks just went back to using kitchen timers and/or shot timers.

thanks DJ

I will have a look at the split screen.