Stage Scores not fully captured for one shooter in the results

I did a test cowboy match to learn Practiscore with the tablets and getting the results. I created 6 shooters, 3 on each posse. One of the shooters is a walk on and entered with the Division of El Rey (which I manually added to the match). I entered the scores on each of the 2 android tablets (one for each posse). The IOS tablet is the master. I synced the scores from each android to the IOS master.

The combined results are all there and correct. The “El Rey” Division is summarizing and does have the shooter’s scores. but when I select a stage to see the results, all of his scores (El Rey Shooter) have a “–”. When I look at the “Enter Scores” for the shooter, the scores are there.

I did a test and used one of the 2 scoring tablets for the result (Android) and the stage scores were correct and reporting fine.

What is going on?

All divisions ever used should be in the master tablet from the beginning. Adding them in scoring tablets will not give an overall of that shooter.
Adding shooters is to be done on the master tablet then sync’d to the scoring tablets. adding shooter in each scoring tablet will create multiple unique shooters. Which is also bad.