Stage diagrams do not export with .psc file on Practiscore App


My first post here, so firstly thanks for some great information that members have taken a lot of time to compile and upload.

I am unable to share stage diagrams with other scoring devices by exporting and emailing a .psc file.
It seems they need to be inserted locally and independent of any updates for the match.
Is this normal? I’ve tried with both .pdf and .jpeg format.

To resolve this would eliminate errors where an RO/SO might upload the wrong diagram to a stage on their device.

Thanks !!

Don’t think this ever been implemented in the iOS app. Your best bet is to sync to Android app and then export from there.

This will be addressed in the PractiScore 2.0 app.

Thanks EK,

Yep, no problems with Android to Android. Only to/from iOS. Looking forward to PS 2.0!
(it would be good to be able to crop uploaded stage diagrams in ratios other than square, too. :wink:

We are running our local level 2 IPSC on PractiScore app, this week.

So good to be virtually paper free!!


It is supported in the Android app right now. Just tap on the corresponding blue crop border and drag around.

I’ll make sure something similar is also supported in 2.0 app on both Android and iOS.

Awesome, thanks again, EK.