Stage Design Repository for MDs

How about having a central repository of popular stage designs for Match Directors?

  • Published and known stages from National or Area matches
  • MDs could submit their most popular stage designs
  • Members could vote on stages they’ve shot
  • MDs across the sport can select popular stages for their upcoming local matches
  • Stage settings and WSBs can be imported and modified as needed for that match

This could be a subscription based service. It could evolve to include a built in tool (web based or in-app) to design stages.

We’ve been discussing building a library of stages and how to build the feature into Practiscore. I don’t have a good answer of when that will happen but it is on our radar for sure. If I get any better intel on a timeline I’ll reach out on this thread. Thanks.

That’s great! Thank you Jay!

Not sure if @Jay is aware, but if MD had added stage briefing picture and stage briefing into the app, they are pushed to the PractiScore web site with the match results.

The PractiScore Competitor app takes advantage of that and shows stage diagram and briefing along with the stage results.

It should be possible to build some search interface and other stuff on top of that info.

Would be great if the stage library could be handled like USPSA Classification updates rather than being tied to an app version as classifiers are presently.

Neither is really tied to the apps. But unfortunately the organizations like uspsa hasn’t been willing to take ownership of updating their own classifier stages.

Also, see this Is there a way to copy the all stages from one match to another?