Squib tracking in scoring (Improvement - Feature Request)

At the USPSA CRO class last weekend, our instructor George expressed his wish that PractiScore scoring have a field to add squib count to competitor, so it’s easier to keep track if it happens more than once. As per USPSA rule, multiple squibs have consequences.

Squib count managment to help RMs might have been better topic name. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to add the squib count?

Thanks, Miki

The simplest would be to add a “warning” for a squib into the USPSA match template, so RO could enter it on the same screen as procedural penalties.

The app already show number of warnings in a few places and all warnings also go to the Notification screen where you can also count them.

IPSC rules and corresponding match template has a few warnings defines, but don’t think there is any in USPSA match template.

Though I’d think a match template change like that will have to be initiated by USPSA HQ.