Squads "can waitlist" behavior

Question: on the practiscore website in “Edit Schedules/Squads” there is an option “Can Waitlist” for each squad. What does this do? How does this interact with the Match waitlist settings?

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When the match fills up. It will only allow people to come off the waitlist when the full squads that are marked “can waitlist” in the admins view actually have room. If you have a full squad with the waitlist turned off no matter how many people from that squad withdraw it will not open for anyone waiting…

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Does that mean Practiscore will automatically approve waitlisted entries if slots are available in “can waitlist” squads?

It does not automatically unwait and squad a waitlisted shooter. As the MD you should review your Approve/View shooter list and you will approve the shoot the shooter who is first on the list.

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DJ, even though this is not a problem for me I want to understand it so that I can utilize it properly because I manage several large matches every year. I am not following what that button does… it seems like it does nothing. Your original response does not make sense to me.

What I think that I know:

  1. In the Match Settings the “Max # of Shooters” controls when the match is full or not (the status of the squads does not matter)
  2. If the “Allow Waitlist” is checked in the Match Settings, then people start to waitlist when the match is full
    a. When people start to waitlist the match Payment Options are automatically updated to not require payment at registration. (I had a match this year go from sold out to below the “max number of shooters” and it let people start registering, paying and sqauding ahead of the waitlist people. I had to go back into the match settings and re-select “require full payment at time of registration”.)
  3. People on the waitlist can not squad no matter if that squad “can waitlist” or not.

The short version is that turning on or off waitlisting on the squadding level just makes that squad available or not in the count of what is available off the waitlist.

Personally I’ve never seen the need to not include all the squads in the wait count.
If I need slots I reserve them in the squad.
When I have a full match and someone withdraws I then go to the first waitlisted shooter. (I reach out to them to make sure they want in) then I approve them, make sure they pay and put them in the empty slot.
Releasing/payment/squadding of the waitlist is not automatic. (personally I wouldn’t want it to be)
I was taught that with a big match the MD ought to be looking at the match briefly every day to oversee things…It takes about 2 minutes.

Hope that helps.

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That helps, thank you D.J.

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