Squadding issue to open slots, when some slots reserved on a squad

See match:

Some registered competitors are unable to select valid open Saturday spots. We have this issue reported every match (maybe 3-4 people per match)

This issue only occurs on squads in which we’ve reserved some spots (typically first 3 spots per saturday squad for ROs), and after some folks have started populating the squad. Then at that point, even though a squad may show a few valid open-to-all slots (not reserved), they are unable to squad, their interface shows squad as closed to them.

Have screen shots competitors have provided from both android and mac browsers. I reported this about two years ago but you were unable to easily reproduce.

Current solution is frustrated competitor pings me, and then I or another admin move them to the squad they want. Actual request just received" Hi Mike, can you move me to squad 10 please. I see 3 open spots but Practiscore does not allow me to squad. This is frustrating and not a great experience"

I have seen this also, and we just had this happen today. We had reserved spots that were filled (by the MD with staff shooters), and an open slot that was not reserved and empty (an extra spot for a paying competitor). A competitor was not able to squad in the empty spot, so the MD put them in manually (that always works). I then tested and reproduced the problem for a fake competitor. From that competitors view, the squad was open but when I selected it I received a message that the squad did not have any openings.

This test case was for a squad that had one open spot, but some reserved spots that were already filled. I edited the reserved spots in the squad down to one reserved spot and still could not squad. When I eliminated the last reserved spot, I was able to squad. To me, it looks like competitors can’t squad unless there are more empty spots than reserved spots. In other words it does not matter where the reserved spots are or if they are filled, it is just a simple count.

The way that I am getting around this is to manually put the shooters in the open spots, or eliminate the reserved spots in the edit squads page so competitors can squad themselves. It is a little more work (but not much) if you eliminate the reserved spots and competitors should not have a problem. Not sure that this helps you out, but this is how we are doing it at our match.

We have to manually add about 5-10 every match (every 2 weeks) as same workaround. Our use case for reserved is to make sure enough ROs each Saturday squad, those are reserved for ROs. When I’ve removed the reservation to circumvent the bug, it also creates problem when RO moves and non RO grabs that now open spot.

Ultimately elimination of the bug as well addition of a feature that only allows some people access to certain slots (select yes to RO on reg form, RO only slots) will be nirvana for us :slight_smile: