Squadding issue to open slots, when some slots reserved on a squad

See match:

Some registered competitors are unable to select valid open Saturday spots. We have this issue reported every match (maybe 3-4 people per match)

This issue only occurs on squads in which we’ve reserved some spots (typically first 3 spots per saturday squad for ROs), and after some folks have started populating the squad. Then at that point, even though a squad may show a few valid open-to-all slots (not reserved), they are unable to squad, their interface shows squad as closed to them.

Have screen shots competitors have provided from both android and mac browsers. I reported this about two years ago but you were unable to easily reproduce.

Current solution is frustrated competitor pings me, and then I or another admin move them to the squad they want. Actual request just received" Hi Mike, can you move me to squad 10 please. I see 3 open spots but Practiscore does not allow me to squad. This is frustrating and not a great experience"