Sponsor not showing after creation

I made a sponsor for my webpage cwshoots.com but its not showing up as available under sponsors. However it shows as blank on my profile. I tried to recreate and it says it already exists.

Here are the rules of a sponsor application.
It they are not followed, if it is not completely filled out or if the only sponsored shooter is the owner then it is rejected.

Sponsor accounts are for use by reputable companies who want to sponsor matches or shooters. Accounts are not to be social media accounts or individuals trying to just promote themselves. Sponsors who direct traffic away from Practiscore are not acceptable. Applications for Sponsor accounts should be submitted by a representative of the company requesting the Sponsor account. By creating a sponsor account you are authorizing Practiscore members and event directors to claim your sponsorship and display your logo on the accounts or pages on Practiscore.com. All sponsor accounts must be approved by Practiscore before being publicly accessible. You must complete all areas of the application in order to be reviewed for approval. Sponsor accounts are for the use listed here, do not create a Sponsor account unless you are legitimately sponsoring, or wanting to sponsor matches or shooters. Sponsor accounts can be revoked if they are being used for other purposes or do not meet these requirements. Every application has to be individually reviewed, please respect our time by complying with the requirements.

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