Sponsor not appearing on search

I submitted my company, Nous Defions Group LLC as a sponsor a few months ago. It never appeared in the search, We sponsored a few shooters for a match last month and they could never find us on the sponsor search.

In my profile, it shows the Nous Defions Group LLC as a sponsor but no image and no clickable link.

Any help will greatly appreciate it as we have more shooters going to matches and can’t find us.

Thank you.


Here is a How To on creating a Sponsor Account. You can look through the steps and see if you missed any. It might help.

Sponsors Accounts, How to create

I did follow those steps. It still not showing in the search and if I try to register again it says the sponsor is already registered.

I just went in and looked deep into the sponsors and your company is not there.
I looked at your PS account and there is not thing there either.

Sooo, I created a sponsor account under your PS account. It worked just fine.
I have enabled the account but what I need you to do now is go into the sponsor account ( you can access it via your PS account) and completely fill out all the missing slots. Also change the icon I used if you want.
Please message me when it is finished so I can do a final review.
Afterward reach out to your shooters and matches and have them start using your ikon.

Perfect, I’ll do that now and let you know.

That worked, thank you so much. You guys are great.

Hit me up at
[email protected] please.

Hey DJ, I think I’m in the same boat as the original poster here for my business Rosiers Creek Guns. A few weeks ago I submitted it, but it’s never shown up. Tried to recreate and it states name is already in use.

We are experiencing the same issue - I have created “Polenar Tactical” as a sponsor and after a couple of days it disappeared from my profile:

Now i can’t create a new one because it says the name is already in use.

Previously our sponsor page was on this link that is now broken:

If you are not completely filling out the application or you are not a legitimate business that is actually sponsoring shooters (besides yourself)or matches then the sponsorship is rejected.
If you would like to email me directly [email protected]
Then we can discuss your business and how you are supporting Shooters and or matches.