Split times in Android app

Hi, I am new to Practiscore and will be using it primarily with police cadets and timed strings of fire. This seems to be the only section I can post in so forgive me if this isn’t the proper place.

I have searched this forum and YouTube but cannot find an answer that is current. How do I find split times in the app? I have version 1.7.34. Thanks.

@Jim_Walker1 which app are you referring to?

Generally, the split times within a given string don’t count for score and are not manually entered.

If you have a Bluetooth-enabled shot timer you can connect it with PractiScore or PractiScore Log app and get all shot data loaded from the timer.

I am connected to Practiscore but I can’t find split times in the recorded data. I haven’t tried the log app.

@Jim_Walker1 see details in the articles I linked from my previous reply

I bought the Log app. It definitely fills my need much better.

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