Sort shooters within the squads by division

Maybe this has been discussed but I could not find it with the search engine.

In the shooters menu you can sort the shooters by division. Within each squad I would like to be able to sort the shooters by division. That way when running steel challenge it will run all CO shooters together, all RFRO, Open, etc…

This would help make sure a shooter doesn’t shoot 2 different divisions back to back.

Good idea,
I will share this with the App developers!
@euxx @Russell_Armstrong

@Robbie_Spratt it’s easy to add sorting by Division on the scoring screens. Though as those things are - it will end up with an alphabetic sorting within division, which is the most hated thing by competitors whose last names are always at the top.

There is another option when you need to spread some competitors apart, because of divisions, because of them being ROs, etc - use the “Random” sorting order for that.

In case the “Random” order doesn’t satisfy your need in regards to not shooting back to back, etc, you can use the “shuffle” option to change competitor order. Usually you’ll get a satisfying order in a few shuffles at most. The iOS app also has an option to manually reorder competitors when the “Random” sorting is selected.

This is exactly what I’m looking for with regard to running the Practiscore App on Android and Kindle devices. It would be nice to be able to strategically place squad ROs, new shooters, tablet scorers etc.

Are there any plans to attempt to make this a feature on Androids\Kindle devices?

Thank you.

Plans - yes, eventually. But no ETA.