Sort shooters by last name

Good Morning,

I run registration for a large falling steel match (400 slots). Due to club rules, payments are mailed to the match director and I am sent lists of checks received. It would make my work so much easier to sort by last name when approving paid shooters. Why is this not an option?

Hi Kenneth!

Thanks for the idea! If sorting by first name isn’t something that can work for you, you can also export the files as a CSV and open it in an Excel (or similar) spreadsheet and sort from there.
I’m moving this to the ideas section of the website, that way our developers can have a look in the meantime😁

Hi Kenneth,
I’m sure you know what a huge time saver having online registration would be.
Both for you and the MD.
Did you say that “Due to club rules” you must have checks mailed in?
Is there something we can help you with pertaining to this?
Online registration and payment has given hours of their lives back to MD’s. :+1:t2:

Good Morning DJ,

I have been using Practiscore since it came out for the seven monthly matches I run at three clubs, as well as regional IDPA matches, the 2019 ICORE World Championship and three of the previously mentioned falling steel matches. The shooters register on Practiscore and I approve them which sends them an email with mail in payment instructions. When the checks are received by the club, I receive a list of the latest payees and I set them as paid on Practiscore which allows them to squad.

Using first names to search for shooters is not efficient. Checks may have different names than registrations, Anthony - Tony, middle names, nicknames. I would like to search by last name.

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I understand, and we will discuss a sort option with the programmers.
What I was asking about was about taking the payments online during registration. So much more efficient and time saving. :wink:


Just to support what DJ said, going to online payment is life changing! Totally worth the 3% credit card fee to stop dealing with cash and checks.