Sort by random across all devices

Does the Practiscore app (we use all Android devices) support the concept of randomizing the shooting order and then having that order synced across all devices?

Additional background if the question isn’t clearn:
We typically shoot alphabetically by last name. We would rather have the sort order be random, so we don’t always have the aardvarks going first and the zebras going last. Our scoring devices stay in the bay as opposed to traveling with the squad, and we’d want the shooting order to be the same throughout the match.

Yes, the sorting order called “Random” it is synced between devices. There is an option to re-randomize it and changes will be also synced.

Hmm, so if I pre-sort randomly on my master device, you’re saying that sort order will sync to the scoring devices I dole out to the squads? Most excellent, if so, and I’ll give it a whirl at my next match. Thank you.

@Ray_Costanzo please note that selected sort order is a device-specific setting. But once the “Random” order is selected on device it will be the same order as you’d see on other devices when selecting “Random” order there.

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Does the random order (or re-randomized order) only pass to the scoring tablets when the initial sync is done to pull the match to the scoring tablets?

After the initial sync the individual tablet can be re-sorted by a squad (assuming the tablet stays in the bay) to Last name for example and then the following squad can re-sort again to random and get the same random order as the first time, correct?

That sorting and re-sorting has no effect on any other scoring tablet in the normal use of the tablets as separated scoring devices, correct? There is no auto syncing between scoring devices, correct?

@Lief_Rutzebeck the random sorting order is part of the match/competitor data sync. All changes are synced.

When you select “Random” from the squad sorting options, it will sort squad using the current random order. There is an option to shuffle the current random order.

In your example, if “the following squad” decides to shuffle the “Random” order it will only shuffle that squad.

Unless “shuffle” is used on device, and when match data is synced to all devices, the “Random” sorting order is consistent between devices.