Someone Using My USPSA Member Number

Hello- I recently joined the USPSA and just had my first match on Feb 17th.

Logged into PractiScore to check results a few days later and looking at my profile I see a handful of matches shot by another person in the past few years. Contacted USPSA and they confirmed I am using the correct number and that this other person must be using the wrong one.

Curious if this is impactful at all to my statistics or if it’s fine that this other person is racking up matches under my member number?

You can see their matches on my profile, the only one that’s mine (so far) is from Feb 17:

Click “View all” in the recent events window. Just uncheck the ones that are not yours.
That should fix your problems.

Got it, hid the other person’s matches on my profile - thank you.

Can also happen if the other person has the same name. I occasionally get results of matches in California that I have to uncheck.