Some of my matches have been deleted from my dashboard on the PS website

I had 81 matches on my dashboard the other day. I “lost” 25 of them and now it only shows that i shot 56 matches. I didnt change any of the info for my uspsa/idpa membership numbers. How do i retreive these scores to be back on my dashboard? Thanks!

Match tracking is done via the email you use. Sanctioning body member numbers do not help with tracking to your account. If you have changed anything in your account that could be what is happening. I found that you had a number of matches in your current history unchecked and that would cause this. You also had your current email listed as a additional email which I have removed for you. Any and all of these things could cause a change.

Email is correct. Member numbers are correct. Still not showing up. For example, uspsa match at CCSC on 9-11-21.

I will have one of the Web guys look at it this coming week.

Thank you!

It already removed my match from yesterday on 9-19-21 at FCSC idpa

We will be looking at it.
The first thing I need you to do is to please stop changing your profile settings.
Your gmail address does not belong in “additional emails”. Only past emails used.
All of the tracking is done via the primary and additional emails, duplicates can mess it up.
Also your sport member numbers should only be the correct ones with the correct capitalization. Please correct them then we can look at things.
We can’t determine what is going on if the setting for emails keeps getting changed.

I have removed my other shooter numbers last week, havent noticed any changes

Just wondered if anyone was able to look at it yet. My newer matches (in the last couple weeks) have been posting ok, but i would still like to retrieve the around 25 matches i lost. Thank you!