Signing up for practiscore account?

A friend needs to know how to sign up for a practiscore account, but it has been sooo long since I signed up, that I can’t remember how I did id, not to mention that I can NOT FIND anywhere on the site that is a place he can go to in order to get an account. So, what can he do and how does he do it?

I don’t work here but here is a tip. Go to the website and click “Register”

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I went to that using the link you put in, but don’t see a “REGISTER” button!

@Don_JOHNSON If you would communicate to your friend to read the Practiscore opening page I’m sure he would be able to navigate to the sign up area.

Its also possible to use this button to register for an account.

Yeah, I see it in the pic you posted, but not on my regular website screen… I’m thinking that the register button does NOT appear if you are on a computer that belongs to a practicscore registered shooter…and I am that! I think we figured it out on a phone that was NOT logged in to practiscore…I think the problem we were having is that we were on MY computer and I was logged in to practiscore, not to mention that we are BOTH technological dinosaurs! Thanks for the help!