Sign up = Whoops, looks like something went wrong

I am using the Add Members tool under the club (ASI-MVS). I manually add an email for someone who does not have a PS acct.
They get the email with the SIGN UP button. When they click the button they get a web page that says “Whoops, looks like something went wrong”
I have tried three different people, all getting the same message.

You can’t add members to a club until they have a practiscore account. Once they have a practiscore account you can use the email that they created their account with and add them to the club.

Thank you for the reply

The system messages make it sound like that’s how it works. When a non-PS email is entered it says
“1 addresses not associated with a account have been emailed and will be added to your club upon account creation.”

the email the user gets says
" The ASI-MVS club manager has requested membership of the email address *** to ASI-MVS. This address is not currently associated with a Practiscore account. Click below to create an account and accept the club membership.

[Sign Up]

If you already have a Practiscore account with a different email address, contact the club manager to update their membership list.

If you do not want membership in the ASI-MVS club nothing is required, you can disregard this email."

so the system is broken?

No, the system is telling the person whose email you tried to add that someone is trying to add them and if they want that they need to sign up on PS.

The proper way to add someone on PS is to have them create at Practiscore account then tell you they have one and what the email is.
They can try and join themselves or then you can try and add them.
Adding someone who has no Practiscore account will not work as they are not in the system.

We feel the courtesy email the person you try and add gets is very courteous and keeps random additions to a club from happening.