Show event registration times as date and time with time zone (instead of vague countdown). This is how it shows for matches, but not for events

I had an issue today where I didn’t know what time a registration opened because the countdown just vaguely stated “Registration for this event will open in 1 day from now”. I had to keep checking back for it to change to the “opens in X hours” and try to guess what time that meant. Then since I’m in a different time zone I set an alarm to wake up for the registration only for the expected time to change to “opens in 59 minutes”.

This would be so much easier if it just stated “Opens Feb 4 at 12:00pm PST”. Keep the countdown as well if you wish, but knowing the exact time would be so much easier to keep track of.

If you look at the registration page completely before a match opens you will see something exactly like this. This is from a match in Tennessee that has not even opened yet. It mentions the time zone that the match is in. You will have to make allowances based on where you live.

Interesting… Thank you for sharing that. I swear that wasn’t on the event I was registering for. Is that dependent on the person setting up the event or should it show on all events?

I found something.
What you signed up for was an event. They don’t show the same thing.
Here is a match at your club. It shows the time zone.

Ok that explains it. So my idea then should change to include this for events as well as matchups. Haha